Sunday, 26 December 2010

Pilot points out ludicrous TSA-type of security in SFO

A pilot posted a series of videos that featured scenes from inside the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and pointed out the contrast between the passengers, who were heavily scrutinized, and airport employees who just passed through a single door.

The pilot was first asked to remove the videos, then he was suspended from the Federal Flight Deck Officer program for the reason that "he may have violated a regulation."

What was the regulation that he violated?

TSA spokeswoman says that he "must be able to maintain sensitive security information."

Don Werno, the pilot's lawyer responds, "This is really about getting the message out and demanding intelligent security. No state secrets are being shown here. What's being shown here is a lack of security."

San Francisco airport defended its practices by saying "Proper and effective security requires multiple layers of systems, procedures and policies that are interlaced and constantly monitored."

The next sentence uttered by the TSA spokeswoman should make any passenger stand alert: "The vast majority of the widespread layers of this security program are behind the scenes and transparent to casual observers."

The words "BEHIND THE SCENES AND TRANSPARENT" obviously mean that TSA is making a profile and physical identification of everyone that gets screened. TSA is using body scanners not just for a "strip search" but also for collecting data on every passenger for its mother lode data base.

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