Monday, 16 May 2011

Inept TEPCO fails to prevent meltdown

It's predictable that TEPCO's mismanagement, lack of foresight and snail-paced efforts in dealing with Fukushima nuclear crisis have led to meltdown in all three reactors - #1, #2, and #3.

Two months after the tsunami devastation, TEPCO still hasn't even come near to installing a working cooling system for any of the troubled reactors! Not only is TEPCO management team unable to deal with the meltdown, they've actually created more problems in trying to cool the fuel rods in the spent pools and in the containment vessels.

It seems every step they have taken so far is done without any prior ACCURATE ASSESSMENT of the situation or LACK OF FORESIGHT to predict the CONSEQUENCES of their actions. Thus, the crisis worsens day by day.

It's understandable that the nuclear crisis is overwhelming at first, but it's not forgivable that the nuclear crisis rating has climbed from 4 to 7! The worsening of the crisis can't be blamed on the tsunami or aftershocks, but on TEPCO's inadequate, inept, and insufficient efforts in handling this whole affair!

TEPCO and the government have not put in ALL THE MANPOWER to handle this national crisis. Sending in few workers each day to work on one reactor at a time is not dealing with the urgent attention to the needs of each reactor in crisis.

Now the meltdown has finally been confirmed in reactor #1, and probably in reactors #2 and #3, due to cracks in the containment vessels, TEPCO should stop wasting time thinking of building cooling systems and start thinking of quick massive cement burial for all troubled reactors before more radiation leaks into the environment, spreading to other parts of the world!

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