Wednesday, 29 June 2011

US 'Preparing Invasion of Africa starting with Libya'

We all know how hypocritical NATO and the US have been on the illegal war against Libya. Not a day goes by that we don't hear news of NATO desperately trying to kill Gaddafi, not only the leader of Libya but also the leader of Africa.

Despite pretending to pullout military forces from Libya, Obama continues the war with the drone terror offensive to aid NATO in killing innocent Libyans.

Why did the US launch the war against Libya in the first place? The answer appears to be simple - rid of Gaddafi for good. Obama has an October surprise for America - a massive military invasion of Libya.

But there's more to it. The US plans to invade Africa. George W. Bush created AFRICOM for a reason. It's time for all African nations to understand the U.S. and NATO's true intentions for taking down Gaddafi in Libya.

It's the first step for a CONTINENTAL INVASION!

The only way to stop the war on Libya and the BEGINNING of a CONTINENTAL invasion of Africa is for AU and all African nations to send in troops en masse to defend not only Gaddafi but all of Africa. The African leaders that stand by to watch the fall of Gaddafi are not only helping the invaders but also lining themselves up as future targets.

It's certain that the U.S. WILL strike - the time is ripe due to the chaos in the Middle East uprising.

China and Russia should help in defending Libya and other African nations from the western power grab. If not, they, too, will be losers in the end.

The American military machine doesn't have real friends or allies - everyone is to be won over sooner or later.

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