Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Who are the rioters in Britain?

As mayhem spreads from London to other parts of Britain, it's important to know who and why they are in revolt. Let's get the facts straight.

Despite the mainstream media painting the rioters as just hooded teenage delinquents - poor and frustrated striking out against the community - they are, in reality, from a diverse range of backgrounds and age groups and are all united by their hatred of the British police state and the conservative-led government.

The British working class people are frustrated and angry about the inequalities in wealth and opportunity, tired of unwarranted police harassment and racial discrimination, and fed up with government austerity measures.

They burned and looted stores that were either big chain stores or catered to middle-class professionals that offer little to their community.

This is not just some riots that could be quelled with brute force, but a beginning of a revolution. The fact that riots are well coordinated and spreading shows that it is indeed a revolution. As history tells us, a revolution is a movement that can't be crushed in a day or in a few weeks.

More widespread unrest will be coming...

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