Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ron Paul with world's point of view

Almost all Republicans are corrupt, greedy, and immoral. Worse still, they are ethnocentric - supporting domination of the world whether in politics, economics or just plain military might. They believe that only American point of view matters while ignoring, demeaning and destroying the rest of the world.

Ron Paul is one exception.

He is a man with principles, integrity and true grit as he often stands alone against the rest of the evil clan of Republican clones in Washington. Any fool can follow like a lemming but only a true hero can stand out as a real leader of the people. Ron Paul is that leader.

As a citizen of the world, "he tries to imagine how the world looks to people other than Americans." It's time for those narrow-minded Americans to see things from the world's point of view. They need to understand that Americans are just a SMALL PART of humanity; to understand the HUMAN ANGUISH and SUFFERINGS of the nations they've destroyed; and to understand that they must SHARE our planet with other civilizations and cultures in the world.

It's egregious and absolutely wrong to bring "Americanism" to the world. To put it simply: the world is NOT "made in USA." And Ron Paul understands that perfectly!

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