Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bush's Book of Lies: Decision Points

As the worst president in American history, former U.S. president George W. Bush has been brazenly promoting his memoir "Decision Points" trying to defend his war crimes against humanity, spin more lies about his past (ir)responsible role as "the protector of America" and soften his image as a world class rogue. He has been appearing in interviews on major television networks, Oprah and the latest, Facebook, to market his lie-infested memoir like a preemptive strike to define his role in history before historians do it for him. 

But records don't lie. It shows that in eight years, Bush single-handedly managed to destroy America - the world's most powerful nation - economically, environmentally, and constitutionally, not to mention, damage America's image in all four corners of the globe. On the global front, Bush, again single-handedly, managed to instill "global fear" and make "terrorism" a household word, incite Islamophobia and insidiously paint Muslims as "terrorists", as well as wreaked havoc in underdeveloped and developing nations with the accelerated expansion of military industrial complex. 

Naturally, everyone is curious to know what Bush has to say on the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, hanging chads, waterboarding, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq/ Afghanistan wars and the economic meltdown. Three salient points in the memoir are to be focused here – the Bush administration committed war crimes; Bush authorized illegal torture; and Bush gave the order to shoot down Flight 93 in Pennsylvania – one of the four hijacked planes on September 11. 

The memoir plainly shows that the Bush administration knowingly and willingly committed war crimes in Iraq.  Not only did the Bush administration violate the Nuremberg Charter but also the U.N. Charter when it launched an unprovoked invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Bush doctrine of preemptive self-defense is nothing more than euphemism for war of aggression. The Bush administration justified its invasion of Iraq by falsely claiming that Iraq possessed weapons of WMD linked to al Qaeda that supposedly launched 9/11 attacks on American soil. The logic of the U.S. attacking Iraq in self-defense makes no sense. Even if Iraq had possessed WMD as claimed, without an attack or an immediate threat from Saddam Hussein, there would still have been no justification for invading Iraq under the U.N. Charter.

Bush wrote that he felt "sickened" on learning that weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Iraq. He said he was absolutely certain that Iraq had WMD before the invasion. This is simply a gross lie. There is overwhelming evidence that Bush knew very well that the information he used was flawed. 2006 Senate Intelligence Committee Report concluded that the Bush administration knew the intelligence was bad. Hans Blix, the former U.N. chief weapons inspector, had persistently reported that there were no signs of WMD. Even CIA reports showed skepticism about the existence of WMD. The logical conclusion is that Bush had plans to invade Iraq no matter what the results were on WMD.

Hubris notwithstanding, Bush openly admitted to authorizing illegal torture. In his memoir, Bush answered  "Damn right" to the CIA's request for permission to waterboard 9/11 suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Bush repeated that he would decide the same way again “to save lives.” He went on to claim that waterboarding worked as Khalid "disclosed plans to attack American targets with anthrax…among other breakthroughs.” In retort to Bush's unsupportive claims, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out against the use of torture as both immoral and counterproductive. 
Bush confessed that he gave a military order to shoot down Flight 93 – the hijacked passenger plane that was heading towards D.C. on September 11. According to the official story, Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, PA, as a result of a struggle in the cockpit between the hijackers and the passengers. The evidence of debris from the destroyed plane by missile fire seems more accurate than the official version of jet brought down in an open field by a passenger revolt. See the video below.

Why was Flight 93 shot down if it had been a part of the elaborate false flag operation of 911 attacks?  The logical conclusion is that it was shot down - not to prevent it from crashing into a strategic target in the capital, but to eliminate all possibilities of survival for hijackers in their struggle to control the hijacked plane. Dead men don't talk.

In George W. Bush's book Decision Points, the former president tells a story of lies.

In Family of Secrets, based on five years of research, hundreds of interviews and thousands of documents, Russ Baker tells the real story of Bush and his family.


  1. This guy belongs behind bars but next to that maybe going down as one of if not the worst President this country has had is the next best things.

  2. Bush and his Neocon cabal completely conned the Christian right. The epitomy of this is the book signing at Billy Graham's library. In the very book G.W. boasts he supports waterboarding:

    "Christian Hugs and Handcuffs for George W. Bush"