Saturday, 27 November 2010

November 2010

If you ever wonder how much money that the military industrial complex has stolen to impoverish the average American, see the video about Congressman Grayson's introduction of HR-5353 "The War is Making You Poor Act".

Grayson not only explains the insanity of the U.S. against other nations on defense spending for wars, but also suggesting how every American can benefit from the runaway Pentagon defense budget.

With a chart, Grayson shows how the U.S. defense spends as much as the world combined! The U.S. has already outspent China 5 to 1 and Russia 10 to 1. Why does the U.S. still need to spend more? Go figure!

There are 3 salient points in this VERY IMPORTANT BILL:

- requires spending of ONLY $549 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan wars WITHOUT ADDITIONAL $159 billion the president is asking for the so-called "emergency war" that could stretch out to 7 - 9 years.

- allows all Americans tax free on the first $35,000 annual income

- reduces federal deficit and federal debt

It's time to support a SANE bill that Congressman Grayson has introduced to deal with our "mad" defense spending and save all Americans from economic doom and our collapsing economy!

See the video and spread the word!

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