Saturday, 27 November 2010

September 2010

Wednesday 09/01/10 - Pentagon Blackmailing China with Threats

The most recent Pentagon's cybersecurity plan, known as "Cyberstrategy 3.0", calls for the military to mobilize private industry for "active defense" against cyberattacks and launch cyber warfare. Not surprisingly, the Department Homeland Security with the help of NSA would oversee the strategy of "deterrence based on making America's infrastructure robust and redundant enough to survive any attack." The Cyber Command will have responsibility for "active defense" starting Oct. 1, 2010. And the U.S. is already recruiting allies.

What is disturbing about all this? The military intrusion of the global highway for communication!

What is more chilling is that the Pentagon openly accused China for launching cyber attacks against the U.S. in an article on August 20, 2010. A month before, obtained a draft copy of the report titled "The QDR in Perspective: Meeting America's National Security Needs in the 21st Century," which aims directly at China, calling for "increasing the size of the Navy to a 346-ship fleet and the U.S. military’s posture in the Western Pacific to counter China's growing influence in the region."

Considering China has been a target since 2006 QDR, could these recent acts of U.S. hostility be seen as a way to blackmail China from dumping U.S. dollar?

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