Saturday, 27 November 2010

May 2010

Tuesday 05/01/10 - Futuristic warfare is here with sci-fi weapons
If you think any war games in arcades or at home are great for your kids, think again when it comes to seeing these sci-fi weapons on the REAL battlefield or on OUR STREETS, maiming or killing human beings. Laser weapons, armed robots, sonic blasters and puke rays no longer exist in virtual reality, but on the battle ground whether it’s in a war abroad or in our backyard demonstration. The futuristic warfare has already begun.
If you think Iraq and Afghanistan are not the battlefields for the U.S. army to test its latest dangerous arsenals, you should learn about the armed killing robots, Active Denial System, drones, flash bang grenades, and green laser pointers that are already in use. If you think the government is serving the interest of the people, think again when it plans to use Long Range Acoustic Device, Taser Shockwave, and puke rays for crowd control.
Sometimes, you wonder how some humans could be so degenerate and inhumane to create machines to cause suffering and destroy lives. And they do it for the fun of it. What kind of monsters are they not to respect life? And what kind of monsters are those who willingly use these machines to see the suffering of others? Do they even know what a human being is?
See this article for photos and descriptions of these laser, high-tech weapons being tested today:
10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist.

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