Saturday, 27 November 2010

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Thursday 3/14/08 - Attack Iran!
As a witness in the audience watching a looming global threat of Armageddon to unfold, one can’t help noticing the stage is being set; the players are moving into place, the world is being divided into two war camps while the neutral nations are biding their time either to be victims to be trampled on or to join in the battle cry on the winning side in its ‘last throes’ of our earthly existence.
Without a doubt, Bush and Cheney are determined to carry out their atrocious act to wipe out ‘their enemies’ at all cost. Who are the enemies?  Why, EVERYONE, of course. Because they plan to destroy the WHOLE PLANET.
Destruction is in their blood.
These two will live in world infamy as the worst leaders ever existed on Earth. In their grand scheme of destruction, they plotted 9/11 attacks to kill thousands of innocents, secretly designed to topple the United States, and have displaced millions of refugees around the globe due to their illegal wars in the Middle East and the interference of clandestine mercenary corps in Africa and Latin America. Worse still, they have ignited a nuclear arms race to quicken the annihilation of our world.
So, where is the epicenter for their Armageddon? Attacking Iran, of course. The following article should make everyone shudder:

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