Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pakistan Admits Assisting US in bin Laden Raid

The American officials gloated about their successful Osama bin Laden assassination raid and they didn't inform Pakistan in advance, fearing bin Laden could be tipped off.

The inflammatory comment suggests that Pakistan was not doing enough to fight alongside its U.S. ally against terrorists. The fact the hideout of Osama bin Laden is so close to a military facility raised suspicions that Pakistan was either harboring terrorists or just being too incompetent.

But in reality, with all the eyewitness testimonies from local news stations and some news reports, the Pakistan army was outside of the compound during the American raid.

Here's a report that settles the issue once and for all: Pakistan army knew about operation against Osama bin Laden

It makes sense why the Pakistani government was so slow in response to the public about their involvement right after the U.S. raid, and then it officially declared that the U.S. acted alone. It also explains why the Pakistani government and security have been mostly silent about what actually took place inside the compound.

Now, the cat is out of the bag.

We'll be seeing more news coverage on bin Laden raid from the side of Pakistan since the White House seems to be less forth-coming with answers.

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