Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pentagon releases hideout fake videos on bin Laden

It is almost too comical to see the American effort trying to contain damage control in the story of bin Laden's death.

On Saturday, the Pentagon released the captured hideout videos of Osama bin Laden watching himself on television. An intelligence official said, "It is improbable that this kind of footage would be anywhere but with bin Laden. He jealously guarded his image."

Of course, the obvious questions arise about the fake video of bin Laden.

1. Why and who would want to shoot a boring video of a lone man watching TV?

Unless it's to prove the man in the room was indeed Osama bin Laden.

2. Why a side view close-up instead of a front view close-up of the man? Why a close-up view of bin Laden on TV?

Unless to show the comparison of the white beard of the REAL bin Laden on TV and the white beard of the man in the room. But notice no comparison of the face of bin Laden on TV with that one in the room.

3. Why was supposedly "Osama bin Laden" holding the remote control with his right hand when he's left-handed as stated in the official FBI notice?

Really!!! Is the world so gullible to believe what the U.S. is saying now?

Watch the video below:

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