Saturday, 5 November 2011

Michael Jackson's Trial: Defense Based on a Lie

After six weeks of testimony in the high profile case of Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, the jury started their deliberations Friday, November 5, 2011.

Forty-nine witnesses, including Jackson's former employees, many medical experts, ER workers, and Murray's girlfriends and patients testified for either defense or prosecution.

Ironically, the defense important witnesses, Dr. Allan Metzler, Jackson's primary doctor, Cherilyn Lee, his nurse practitioner, and even Dr. Paul White, the key defense witness on which the whole the defense rests its case, said the same thing that they would never administer the dangerous propofol to Jackson in a non-hospital setting.

One obvious point came out of this dramatic court trial is that ALL medical experts concurred on Murray's egregious deviation from standard care of his patient, Michael Jackson, by giving him propofol as a "sleeping aid" daily. One obvious evidence is that Jackson died of propofol intoxication. It doesn't take much to figure out why Jackson died and who is responsible for his death.

Even if Jackson was to inject the fatal dose of propofol, as the defense tried to argue, Murray is still solely responsible for providing the propofol daily and neglecting his professional duty as a doctor in taking care of his patient's health.

One glaring note is that Murray deliberately left many questions unanswered - no records of Jackson's medical treatment and no mentioning of propofol to ER workers. A coverup for Murray's guilt? And there are no explanations for his delay in calling 911 nor why he used propofol, a general anesthetic for surgery, to treat Jackson's insomnia.

The defense team rested solely on Dr. White's theory that Jackson self-administered the fatal propofol dose that killed him. White's belief was based on Murray's words that he had given only 25 milligrams of propoful to Jackson.

What if Murray had lied? Lying seems to go hand in hand with Murray's deceptive behavior.

The defense team really doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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