Wednesday, 9 November 2011

UN's hypocrisy on Iran's designing an atomic bomb

The UN hypocrisy is clearly displayed here reporting that "Iran appears to have worked on designing an atomic bomb."

So what?!

Look at the nations that have nuclear weapons for mass destruction. They are members of the exclusive nuclear power club, Nuclear-Poliferation Treaty (NPT), in the UN Security Council: United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China. By the way, three of which, the U.S. Britain and France also belong to another exclusive club, NATO, which is now wreaking havoc in the Middle East with ongoing wars.

Then there are the non-NPT nations that have nuclear bombs, namely India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Last of all, the undeclared nuclear power, Israel, with its advanced drone technology and hidden nuclear arsenal plants, ludicrously threatened to bomb Iran's nuclear sites so that Israel could remain the ONLY nuclear power in its vicinity.

If UN really wanted to punish non-NPT nations for possessing nuclear weapons, then it should start punishing India, Pakistan, and North Korea first, and especially Israel for not being forthright about its possessions of nuclear bombs.

Besides, who has the right to decide which nation can or cannot have nuclear weapons?

We all know the UN is run by the United States, which is now the main warmonger in the world. It's obvious the NPT bullies are trying to keep weaker nations from defending themselves with nuclear bombs that the U.S. first introduced to humanity in its mass destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If there is going to be any punishment at all, it'd be for the rest of the world, about 180 nations, to punish ALL the nations that HAVE nuclear bombs for bringing mass destruction to humanity!!!

Isn't it time for the world nations to wake up and stop letting a handful of superpowers dictate the fate of our world?

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