Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bush Administration's True Intentions

The most revealing fact that Wayne Madsen provided in his breaking news report on the leak of B-52 fighter carrying nukes to the Middle East (Code operation: BENT SPEAR) is that there exists a revolt among "various echelons within the Air Force and intelligence agencies against a planned U.S. attack on Iran using nuclear and conventional weapons."

He mentioned several top-secret operations — BENT SPEAR, OPERATION ORCHARD and PROJECT CHECKMATE — that were actually coordinated covert efforts by the US and Israel to bomb Syria and Iran. Even Defense Secretary Robert Gates who seems to be out of the loop of Bush/Cheney cabal’s secrecy has asked an outside inquiry board and former Air Force Chief of Staff, retired General Larry Welch, to lead a Defense Science Board task force to investigate BENT SPEAR incident.

In the last year or so, more and more retired generals (20 of them to date) have stepped up to speak against the war in Iraq – breaking military tradition, rarely happened in the nation’s entire history. It’s known that active-duty generals follow procedure without ever disobeying orders – but former generals no longer bound by their pledge to silence could voice their dissent when they deemed necessary. AND IT WAS NECESSARY FOR THEM TO SPEAK UP. The generals know more about wars on the ground than any of the officials in the White House plotting strategic games on the big screen in the war room. 

There are two significant points to draw from these events:

First, since Bush and Cheney have been trying to pull off this sneak attack on Iran without Congress permission or any top government officials’ knowledge, why couldn’t they have done the same with the 9/11 attacks? They had plenty of motives for doing so — oil, enrichment for their corporate supporters, world domination by the US military — these are just a few major ones. Pulling off 9/11 attacks was to pursue their pipe dreams, changing America forever, as Bush has often claimed in his speeches. And in legitimizing the pursuit of waging preemptive wars around the world, Bush coined the phrase: "war on terror".

Bush’s choice of words - "war on terror" - was not misspoken as so many journalists mocked his gaffe in calling terrorism as "terror." His words meant exactly that: Bush is waging a war not on ‘terrorism’ but a war on ‘fear.’ The definition of terror is “intense, overpowering fear”. He is not fighting a war against actual terrorists who target innocents for political reasons; instead he’s been creating an atmosphere of ultimate fear in societies where innocents feel the constant threat by acts of terrorism.

Unfortunately, Bush’s "war on fear" is succeeding. On the domestic front, overwhelming fear has gripped society to allow the nation to emerge as a "police state" removing civil liberties one by one. On the international front, so many global leaders have bowed in fear to the terror Bush created by accepting illegal rendition flights or making deals in exchange for personal gains as the U.S. patsies to be later removed once their purposes have been served. Moreover, Bush’s "war on terror" wouldn’t be complete without his massive and expansive army of thugs - mercenaries and private contractors - that have wreaked havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Latin America.

Second, if Bush and Cheney intentionally created “war on fear” around the world, then would they be aware of a possible breakout of World War III by attacking Iran? The answer is — of course. They are insane to start one but they are sane enough to prepare for one. They expect the weak Congress to continue bankroll their illegal wars as well as NATO and loyal allies to offer strong support. The U.S. world war theatre preparedness is evident in its building of a military base near Iran’s border (expecting an ongoing conflict), installations of US missile defense to be built in Europe, namely Poland and Czechoslovakia, and recent increase of the US-allies military exercises around the world. Considering the vast network of American bases(850) on every continent except Antarctica and allies in every corner of the globe, not to mention advanced space war defense technology and a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons for deployment, Bush and Cheney have carefully calculated the possible outcome of a world war scenario even before embarking on their Armageddon crusade.

As more and more evidence leaked to the press, their true intentions become clearer — Bush and Cheney don’t just want regime changes in the Middle East, they want world domination at all cost!

(First published on, October 1, 2007)
Now the crucial question is — how can Americans and the world stop them?