Sunday, 22 January 2017

Send In The Reconstruction Crew

War profiteering is a lucrative global business. Hired for reconstructing a war-torn nation under the disguise of "democracy building", private companies with massive engineering and supplies contracts more often ended up also as subcontractors running government services.

In fact, the White House established the Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization on August 5, 2004 for the very purpose of conducting reconstruction business. Working in conjunction with the National Intelligence Council, the office is headed by Carlos Pascual who assembles rapid-response teams consisting of private firms, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and members of think tanks. According to Pascual, its mandate is to prepare "post-conflict" plans for up to twenty-five countries that fall under the "high risk" conflict category and to coordinate simultaneously three full-scale reconstruction operations in different countries for five to seven years. The US can now plot a "pre-emptive" reconstruction design before a "pre-emptive" deconstruction attack on a nation, as a way to remold a destitute nation into a "democratic and market-oriented" puppet state in step with the US spread of imperialism.
It's not surprising corporate CEOs have played a key role in raising campaign funds to keep the Republican Party in control of the political establishment. They have fully supported a neocon government that shares their dream of exploitation. While companies related to defense military productions and operations are driven by pure greed with the sole aim of making astronomical profits, the Bush administration is fixated with global power as the US embarks on a rampage to grab world natural resources. As a result, the defense contractors, subcontractors and oil conglomerates have relied on the US for its military war machine to conquer and destroy more defenseless nations in a perpetual march to world domination.
As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have played out in the last few years and more recently in Lebanon, the strategy of success for the Bush administration has finally been exposed. In an ominous cycle, two dangerous forces come into play — greed and power. The neocon government’s obsession to seek world power feeds on the companies’ greed of making increasing profits — both working off each other indeed strike a devastating blow to civilizations. In essence, the Bush administration and its CEO supporters depend on one another to achieve their demented goals.
Sadly, humanity is the casualty of their wanton warpath to world destruction.
On the domestic front, the victims are the majority of US taxpayers who have been too mired in their personal job insecurities and worries to suspect that their government has become a shadowy resemblance of a fascist state, similar to Mussolini’s dictatorship in the 1930s.
The myopic Americans still believe that democracy will prevail in the coming November elections, even though the results of all the elections since 2000 have been under suspicion of being rigged in favor of the Republican Party. Despite all the evidence of the US Constitution under attack by the Bush administration, the moribund Congress, unfulfilling its roles as the legislative branch, not only has observed in silence but also hastened the death of democracy by its approval of eliminating personal privacy through the US Patriot Act, allowing torture against the standards of Geneva Conventions, levying a hefty tax burden on the citizens while providing tax breaks for businesses, and worse still, increasing defense budgets to continue illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
On the international front, the victims have been the hundred thousands of innocents who died or suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention that war disasters have left whole populations living in desperate and deplorable conditions. Furthermore, the US government was in complete complicity and support of the genocidal actions of Israel against the people of Palestine and Lebanon. Moreover, in other parts of the globe, ordinary people are now facing fear of escalating terrorist attacks fueled by the Bush administration hostile stance against Islam and its illusory "war on terror".
Since March 2003, the Pentagon has been doling out big budgets to US defense contractors. As a result, these companies have posted huge jumps in total shareholder returns as well as substantial profits in the pockets of their CEOs. It has also been noted that private defense contractors employ former generals and former admirals from the U.S. military establishment.
The euphemism "humanitarian assistance" is nothing more than a cover for global corporations to exploit war-ravaged countries' resources while in the process of making a killing. Meanwhile, the US reduces those countries to a state of total economic, political and security dependence on the Occupation Forces for survival.
Instead of "winning hearts and minds" through reconstruction to meet the needs of the Afghanistan and Iraq civilians, the war profiteers have gained an ill reputation for incompetence, corruption and fraud. Complaints range from shoddy work, slow progress, if any at all, and hiring foreign workers over locals who were denied training and decision-making. The reconstruction efforts have been plagued by widespread abuse — billions of dollars disappeared through suspected fraud and price gouging by contractors. Earlier this year, the Pentagon finally cancelled one of its larger defense contracts in Iraq with the infamous Halliburton which was sponsored by Cheney. The bungled reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan fared even worse, according to Corp Watch.
Interestingly, after the barbaric demolition of Lebanon by Israel, the US without wasting too much time is sending in the reconstruction crew. President Bush met with "four executives of leading US companies for the creation of the U.S.-Lebanon Partnership Fund" to provide much needed resources to assist in the reconstruction effort in Lebanon.
Sounding the alarm, C. G. Estabrook in his article "Is Humanitarian Interventionism Humane?" pointed out that Wesley Clark in November 2001 had a conversation with a Pentagon senior military staff officer who claimed that the US five-year war campaign plan includes seven nations: Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Somali, Iran, Syria and Libya. Coincidentally, six out of seven of these countries mentioned by the military officer are in political turmoil and some are engaged or about to engage in warfare. To sum up: Iraq was invaded by US in 2003; Lebanon was demolished by Israel in August 2006; Sudan is now under military siege; Somali is reported to have a rebel war; and the US has launched imminent threats against Iran and Syria. The only one that has not been targeted by the US administration recently in the news is Libya. Interestingly enough, Sudanese refugees claimed that the rebels who once protected them are now attacking them only after they brokered a deal with the US and UK.
In April 2004, Bush addressed the Nation in Prime Time Press Conference: "We are in a long war. The war on terror is not going to end immediately." Obviously, he didn’t mean it was just a long war in Iraq, but a series of wars against nations on his secret hit list for reconstruction. Of course, only time will reveal the truth ... but by then, it’d be too late.

(First published on, October 2, 2006